Confirmation of Restoration

thank You for the slow release of that which haunts my mind

without Grace the Peace i feel within me i’d not find

years of untold trauma in Your timing will unwind

for You are Forgiving and are infinitely Kind

stretched myself and then i snapped not unlike a dry twig

hated to admit it but the hole my hand did dig

had to own my nonsense with Humility i cried

face down in the muck in which i falsely had relied

past few years i wonder at the Healing You have willed

surely from Above a waterfall of Grace has spilled

Praise and Joyful songs i sing for i have been restored

surely You have heard my cries through tears i have implored

desperate longings You have heard a hundred thousand times

by Your Mercy You’ve redeemed me of my many crimes

i can See the progress blows my mind as i recall

i’ve no doubt You hear my Spirit speak when i should call

like sweet smelling incense do my prayers drift Above

from Your Temple You receive my messages of Love

thank You for Your Presence with which all things i can bear

thank You time and time again for unearned Grace You share.


I Peter 4:13 “But rejoice inasmuch as you participate in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed when His glory is revealed.”

suffering withstood by Faith results in untold Joy

for the sake of our true King our Faith we must employ

for He took upon Himself the whole of our dead weight

suffered death was meant for us as He absolved our fate

Faithful Children share His suffering as He commands

difficult the task but when upon our Faith we stand

we will overcome the obstacles and then know Joy

we receive abundance when our Faith should we employ

most folks build their lives to guard from suffering and such

seems that may be why they don’t find Joy in all that much

may be why most feverishly hunt down and consume

vain attempts to fill our holes with pleasures we assume

may provide the joy we crave from some concocted source

into round holes desperately our square pegs try to force

never worked for anyone before and won’t work now

only Faith in action yields the Joy He does endow

to those who would share a piece of His great suffering

try it out and find one act of Faith much Joy will bring.

Revelation 21:5 “…Behold, I Make All Things New…”

storm clouds are clearing the Sun’s rays burst through

burning out darkness to make all things New

hurricane winds have becalmed to fresh breeze

tidal waves flattened to smooth glassy seas

floodwaters sink to reveal grassy fields

once leafless fruit trees display healthy yields

that which was fearsome is now fully tame

healed is that which was once hopelessly lame

fear i had battled now’s nonsense to me

beneath blue skies for as far as i see.

Forged in Primordial Love

chains that now bind me i beg You remove

so that my stride may without these weights move

show to me Mercy for falsely i’ve steered

consciously off of Your Way have i veered

in my own strength i cannot break these chains

oh how they hinder my work for Your gains

burn off the dross that now smothers the Light

You’ve put inside me so that my Soul might

shine ever brighter revealing Your Truth

suffered have i through adulthood and youth

learned many lessons with blood sweat and tears

in a cold dungeon faced up to my fears

You’ve shown me Grace in a million ways

that which i ask i do so through a haze

You are the One Whose primordial Love

shaped my true form that’s refined from Above

You know the plans that You’ve scripted for me

inside Your Will is where i long to be

do then my Lord pop the lock on these chains

free my limbs to enhance Your Kingdom’s gains.

A Light Unto My Path

can’t image what upon this Earth would shift my gaze

though at times i can’t see much through all this dusty haze

such as now but i remember plenty times before

when i had exploded into pieces on the floor

even then You came and snatched me out from jaws of death

totally exhausted You infused Your Loving breath

that is how You taught me that i’m always in Your hand

out in space or underwater or upon the land

anywhere i go the Light You put inside of me

shines Your glow of Truth upon this path so i can see

though the landscape’s dreary and great dangers lurk and loom

i cannot forget how You did pluck me from my tomb

fear i lost when death i saw was conquered by Your Grace

now not fear but joy of freedom’s slathered on my face

days like this when i feel flat and can’t see very well

no big deal such moments pass and even now can tell

there’s a Sun behind these clouds and though the storms rage on

to my Faith in Your control i hold and soon they’re gone.

Dissociation of Spirit

nobody’s perfect but i’ve got to try

to detach from this dust so i can fly

far above issues and harsh circumstance

altitude rising as wings with wind dance

widened perspective of what i can see

now that from Earthly concerns i am free

study the layout from far overhead

paltry appears what once filled me with dread

throughout the Heavens and out into space

much too concerned are we for our small place

we’re specks of Light that illuminate Earth

to our Good Father have infinite Worth

up here i find there’s much more than just me

endless the oceans of space i now see

yet my Creator the One that is Three

takes effort to now be Refining me

oh what a Joy that i can’t understand

upon Your wings as i scope sea and land

i can’t portend what it was to know fear

when to my Eyes Your amazements appear.

Choose Your Prize

excess is that which we take beyond our Daily Bread

common practice not to share but stake one’s claim instead

yet the wise man knows his treasures aren’t made out of dust

layers of Earth comforts form a narcissistic crust

exponentiating acquisitions and returns

once more for one’s own success a thousand more get burned

without Love or empathy the worldly mind accrues

all it can by primal drives to win while others lose

to the Father all are valued we must recognize

taking more than we give out is terribly unwise

constipation of the Spirit if we fail to share

wickedness finds perch within the ones who have no care

for the poor and sickly those who’re chopped up in the wake

many starve so selfish few can dine on endless steak

my it’s true but what to do i’ll take Your Daily Bread

sustenance of Yours is Light while dust of Earth is lead

Faith is better than the most impressive manmade plan

i’m a Spirit being though right now look like a man.

Bright Flame = Robert